Five Stretches to Keep Your Muscles Safe

You are an everyday athlete. When you’re working, you are constantly on the move, which means your muscles have a big job to do. To help your muscles stay flexible and strong, stretches are important to your health. Taking just five minutes to do a few stretches before and after your shift can help you protect your body and prevent injury. 

Here are five great stretches that will warm you up and cool you down from your shift:

  • Side Bend: Raise your right arm straight up above your head and lean towards your left side. Repeat with your left arm overhead and lean toward the right side.
  • Neck Stretch: Start with your head facing forward, then turn your head slowly to one side so that your chin is over your shoulder. Repeat this motion and turn to your opposite side. 
  • Quadricep Stretch: ​​Find a sturdy surface or wall that you can hold onto for balance. Grab your left ankle with your right hand, so that your leg is bending behind you at the knee. Switch to the right side.
  • Shoulder Circles: Stand up straight, and slowly move your shoulders in a circular motion. Then move your shoulders upward, downward and backward to loosen each part of your shoulders.
  • Wrist Stretch: Place your forearms horizontally, with both palms facing the floor. Bend both wrists downward so that fingertips are pointing toward the floor. Then extend both of your wrists so your fingertips now face upward.


  1. Do you stretch before and/or after your shift? 
  2. What do you do to help your body make it safely through the day?