How it all Began: A Staffing Company with a Story

Today, Ōnin is one of the largest and fastest growing privately-held staffing companies in the U.S., with brick and mortar branches in over 26 states and Teammates working in all 50. But, we hail from humble roots.

Ōnin’s story began in Dallas, Texas in 1993 when Managing Partner Keith Phillips — armed only with folding furniture, a phone, and a desire to provide for his young family — borrowed some office space. Although Ōnin was small, Keith was determined to treat everyone who walked through Ōnin’s doors with a heart of service. As the startup staffing company gained momentum, Managing Partner Hugh Thomas joined Ōnin’s ranks in 1996, accelerating Ōnin’s rapid growth and strengthening its commitment to people.

Since then, Ōnin has stood the test of time, growing even in the midst of national financial downturns thanks to Ōnin’s status as a debt-free company committed to financial responsibility.

The rest of Ōnin’s story is history…kind of. It’s taken a talented team to build Ōnin’s success, and it will take more of the same ingredients — a commitment to service, integrity, innovation and performance — to grow our legacy in the future.

No matter how much we grow, we are committed to staying true to the spirit that built this company — treating people with a heart of service to create opportunity and empower people.

Our Brands

The Ōnin Group is comprised of many different brands. Most brands are centered on staffing, but we have other ventures as well. The thing that actually unites The Ōnin Group’s brands is our purpose of creating opportunity and empowering people.

Ōnin Staffing

Light industrial and clerical staffing

Other Staffing Companies

Excelsior Staffing

Diverse approach to staffing featuring our MBE certified partner


Professional staffing services, with a focus on IT, engineering and human resources.

A3 Solutions

Specialty recruiting division excelling at short-term, remote talent

Ōnin Aerospace

Staffing for skilled, technical aerospace professionals

Other Brands

Mōmentum Capital Funding

A factoring company that provides fast access to funding through accounts receivables purchasing

Woodhaven Custom Calls

Custom-crafted turkey and deer calls for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts

Pleasant Hill Timber

Ōnin’s timber and wildlife management operation in southwestern Alabama


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