Picture the corridors of a doctor’s office. There’s Skyler, awaiting vital test results; Michael is getting an injured ankle examined; and Casey, navigating the world of healthcare for the first time, is receiving a prescription for her severe acne. 

What do these individuals have in common? They all have jobs. They all benefit from affordable insurance. They are all equipped with resources that help them maintain their physical, emotional, and financial well-being. 

These individuals, and thousands more, are our Teammates. 

By the numbers, we’ve witnessed a staggering 98,401 of these stories unfold in the form of medical claims over the past three years. That’s around 33,000 medical claims a year, or about 631 each week. But these aren’t just statistics on a page. They’re real moments, marked by hope, relief, recovery and determination.

Our journey began when Ōnin unveiled its groundbreaking insurance program and ventured into relatively uncharted waters. When we started this journey, we knew our efforts would have an impact. 

Through daily interactions with our Teammates, the challenge was evident: many who worked with other staffing agencies grappled with inaccessible or costly medical insurance. Even those who paid for insurance often could not use their benefits because of high deductibles and expense barriers.

Not having access to basic health tools was especially costly for those who work in manual labor positions. This lack of resources had a ripple effect of increased absenteeism, longer recovery time, higher turnover, and lower productivity.

We wanted to solve those problems, so we created a radically affordable insurance program designed specifically for contingent workers. For us, that includes: 

  • $0 deductible
  • A premium of just $17.82 per week
  • Benefit coverage after just 30 days
  • A wide range of affordable care

We believe in the transformative potential of affordable benefits. The stories we hear from our Teammates each day encourage us. This is changing lives. This is reducing turnover (by a whopping 14%). This is giving people access to the care they need for the first time. 

In the end, top-notch health insurance isn’t just a perk – it’s a game-changer for a more productive and happier workplace.

As we celebrate the stories of our 98,401 medical moments, we invite other businesses to join us. To see past the numbers, delve into the narratives.