Onsite Teammate MBV Information

Visit the link below for valuable information for our Teammates onsite at MBV.


MBV Job Postings

Visit the link below to view job postings within Mercedes.

Ōnin Team Members – Assembly Shop


Attendance Bonus

Eligible full-time, hourly Ōnin Team Members will be eligible for a perfect attendance bonus monthly.

The Ōnin Management Team will continue to announce and communicate this to our team members. Please recognize your Ōnin colleagues that help produce high quality vans for our North American customers. 

Thank you very much for your cooperation, your trust in Ōnin, MBV and in each other. Let’s continue to work together to exceed the expectations of our customers. For further information or questions, please direct it to Ōnin Team Relations.


We now have a kiosk set up in Assembly by the TRR’s desk. Please feel free to utilize it to print check stubs, W2’s and even check out this month’s newsletter!


Please take the time to congratulate the 25 teammates that converted on 3/10/2024-3/11/2024. These teammates reflected great attendance, performance and communication skills and we are very proud of them. Ōnin teammates please keep up your continued hard work, your time to shine bright with receiving your conversion star will be soon!!!!

Planned Saturdays (Body Shop Only)


Success Story

Hey everyone, my name is Ah’Shontique Felder. I started with Ōnin in May of 2023 and was converted to Mercedes  in September of 2023. At times while earning my conversion I faced many obstacles that would try and knock me off my path to conversion but I stayed persistent and ultimately achieved my goal. Not only did I face all challenges thrown at me but I kept a strong line of communication with my Ōnin rep. Thank you Ōnin for your everyday dedication to changing lives; like E.E. Cummings quoted, “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

Breaking News!!

Ōnin Teammate(s) of the Month

These three Teammates were awarded “Employee of the Month.”

They stayed focused and were recognized for their hard work and dedication! Good work team!

Shampayne Kirland – 1st Shift

Irene Blanco Betancourt – 2nd Shift

John Church – 3rd Shift

Onsite Team Contact Info

  • Onsite Supervisor
    • Derek Drayton
    • 843-709-0635
  • Operations Support Specialist
    • Terrence Jenkins
    • 843-714-4233
  • 2nd Shift Team Relations Rep
    • Kodee White
    • 843-714-5135
  • 3rd Shift Team Relations Rep
    • Zaneta Cooper
    • 843-714-0916
  • Branch Office
    • 843-790-9952

We thank you all for your continued hard work and commitment. Please reach out to us if we can help you in any way!