Why Trying is So Important

The only way to succeed is to try. The more we try to accomplish something, the more likely we are to actually be successful. Not to mention, in the process of trying something, you will gain new skills, accomplish important goals, and develop a new sense of confidence. 

Trying to do something new or difficult can be scary. But guess what — trying to do something good and important is always worth your time, your effort, and your hard work. Sticking with a job falls into this category as well. Maybe you’ve struggled to find success at work before. By simply trying to do your best, you will take an important step towards building a more successful future. 

  • Be intentional: When you start a big new goal or begin something new, be thoughtful. Write down what you’re trying to accomplish. Picture the end result of your efforts. Tell yourself that you are committing to trying your best to bring this goal to its full potential. 
  • Don’t be afraid to fail: Remind yourself that it’s okay to be bad at something, and it’s okay for something to feel hard. The main thing is to try your best and learn from your experience. Remember, the more you try to do something, the more things you’ll be good at, even if you fail in the short term. 
  • Keep trying: If you’re trying to accomplish something, give it your all, and put in effort for the long term. If you give up too soon, you may regret never giving it your all to accomplish your goal. 
  • Problem solve: Let’s say you are trying to do something, but so far, your efforts have not been successful. Instead of giving up or just doing something that doesn’t work over and over again, ask yourself what you can do differently. By trying new ways to do something and problem-solving for unique issues that come up, you are more likely to succeed. 


  1. Do you think people are more likely to succeed when they try hard?  
  2. What is one thing you would like to try to accomplish in the future? 
  3. When it comes to your job, do you think you put in the right amount of effort?