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It’s Time to Shift the Spotlight

For too long, the leaders in the manufacturing, logistics, and food processing world have been overshadowed by the finance and tech sectors.

Real Leadership is a podcast bringing leaders who make, move, and process tangible goods to center stage. Produced by The О̄nin Group and hosted by CEO Jim Weaver, this podcast delves into the strategies, insights, and experiences of top leaders in the real economy.

Tune in to discover stories of challenge, triumph, and grit as we dive deep into the world of Real Leadership.

Meet Jim Weaver

When he’s not hosting the Real Leadership Podcast, Jim is Chief Executive Officer of The Ōnin Group, one of the largest staffing companies in the United States. 

Jim began his journey at Ōnin in 2001 as an account executive in Nashville, Tennessee, and has become integral to The Ōnin Group’s phenomenal growth. Under Jim’s guidance, Ōnin has become a leader in the staffing industry and is recognized as one of Staffing Industry Analysts’ fastest-growing and best places to work. As CEO, Jim’s focus lies in developing smart systems and a corporate culture that boosts employee performance and delights customers.

Meet Our Upcoming Guest

Chris McConnachie

Chris McConnachie

CFO at National Grid

Rising through the ranks with eight roles over the past 15 years. National Grid is one of the largest international utilities companies in the world, helping deliver gas & electricity to millions across Great Britain and the Northeastern US. 

Previous Real Leadership Guests Include:

Elizabeth "Bettsie" Norton

Elizabeth "Bettsie" Norton

Chief of Staff at Airbus

”I think that leadership is a virtue that you’re kind of born with. If you are a leader and you know it in your heart, I think you can learn to be great.”

Mike Bartikoski

Mike Bartikoski

Chief Operating Officer at CraftMark Bakery

“The greatest part of servant leadership is listening, hearing what our folks are telling you, and then going out and getting that done so that they can become more effective.”

Naysa Aparicio Hernandez

Naysa Aparicio Hernandez

Chief Human Resources Officer at RJW Logistics Group

“You have to have the ability to adjust. Where would I be if I didn’t adjust to new challenges — a new country, a new culture, a new language, a new condition?”

Naysa Aparicio was a contributing author to Latinas Rising Up In HR, Volume 1.

Are You a Real Leader?

If you’re a top executive in the real economy — like the manufacturing, logistics and food processing sectors — we’d love to talk. We have a thorough guest evaluation process, and you will be joining a select group of world-class leaders.  

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