It’s never been more important to work with a staffing company your business can trust. Each year, the Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) compile a list of the nation’s largest staffing firms based on revenue. Once again, The Ōnin Group, a privately-held, debt-free staffing company, has been named one of the 2020 SIA Largest Staffing Firms in the United States and one of the Largest Industrial Staffing Firms in the United States.

As businesses maneuver the current disruptions of the COVID crisis, organizations are increasingly utilizing temporary and interim workers to meet shifting demands while maintaining an efficient workforce.

In an increasingly volatile and uncertain world, sustainable light industrial and manufacturing companies need staffing partners they can trust to stand the test of time and support their comprehensive needs. At the moment, many staffing agencies are struggling to survive and cannot provide service excellence. The staffing industry requires an excess of cash flow, which means the current recession has caused many of our competitors to cut costs and purge resources. Frankly, many staffing companies will fail in this recession. At Ōnin, we are privately held and debt-free, giving us the ability to control our own destiny, which means we have the ability to provide you and our contingent workers with comprehensive resources few staffing services can provide.

Working with one of the nation’s largest staffing companies means having access to our national footprint that can support your locations and provide a larger set of resources. Although we are a large company, we are also nimble, empowering local offices to respond immediately to your needs.

Choose a company that will provide you with the resources your business needs to thrive and service that will sustain the test of time. In an uncertain world, your business needs sustainable solutions for your most important resource — people.

The Ōnin Group is a Birmingham-based, privately-held company whose staffing brands include Ōnin Staffing, Excelsior Staffing, A3 Solutions and Fōcus. Its non-staffing brands include Mōmentum Capital Funding, Mōmentum Equipment and Supply, and Ōnin Timber.