The Ōnin Group is a 2020 Birmingham Business Journal Best Places to Work recipient. As a Birmingham-based, privately-held, debt-free group of companies focused on people, The Ōnin Group’s core business is staffing.

Values are at the heart of The Ōnin Group, and Ōnin takes pride in creating an environment where people with a heart of service thrive. Ōnin employees (called Ōninites) are encouraged to take an entrepreneurial approach to their roles, which gives talented individuals the freedom to create opportunity and empower others. By attracting service-minded Ōninites and creating a culture that promotes excellence, better service is created for contingent workers and clients alike.

Likewise, as a people-focused company, Ōnin is known for its incredible and affordable benefits package, including a free teledoctor service and an Employee Assistance Program with ample mental health services. As the COVID-19 crisis has made clear, providing workers with accessible healthcare options continues to be an essential part of successfully attracting and retaining talented individuals. As a result, Ōnin ensures both its internal and contingent workers have access to incredible benefits packages. Likewise, in the midst of an uncertain world, Ōnin’s debt-free status allows it to uphold its commitments to Ōninites, contingent workforce and clients alike.

Additional brands of The Ōnin Group include Ōnin Staffing, Fōcus, A3 Solutions, Excelsior Staffing and Mōmentum Capital Funding.