Teammates receive many life-changing tools through their Ōnin benefits package, but routine cancer screenings are arguably one of the most important.

Six hundred and fifty Teammates have received routine cancer screenings through their Ōnin benefits thus far. We know that our workers’ health is priceless, and we believe investing in their well-being means we are investing in more empowered individuals and more productive teams for our clients. Providing routine cancer screenings is just one of the many ways we do that.

Early detection is crucial when it comes to cancer. Consistent cancer screenings mean individuals can catch their cancer before it has a chance to spread and become more difficult (or impossible) to treat. Early detection means lives are saved, but it also empowers people to retain the health they need to stay employed, especially in a physically demanding job.

By providing affordable and accessible healthcare benefits, we are not only alleviating the stress and anxiety that comes with illness and uncertainty. We are also empowering our workers to seek out the care they need to recover, so they can work better and live better.

So if you’re a company that uses contingent workers, we urge you to consider the importance of affordable healthcare benefits like routine cancer screenings. By investing in the health and well-being of your workers, you are investing in your company’s success.