If you know anything about Pocahontas, Arkansas, you probably know that the Pacific Islander community is a big part of the small town. Through Ōnin’s Seeds Initiative, Ōnin Staffing of Pocahontas helped sponsor Pacific Islanders Culture Day on August 7th.

Many Pacific Islanders moved to Pocahontas for its unique economic opportunities. As the local Ōnin Staffing has helped foster economic opportunity and empower every member of the community’s workforce, getting to help the community explore its cultural identity was a meaningful opportunity.

“Ōnin has helped so many families set down roots here in North East Arkansas, so we were proud to be invited,” said Joie Saienni, Market Manager at the Ōnin Staffing Pocahontas branch. “Participating in The Islander Day in Pocahontas gave us a great opportunity to help support the community that we have helped foster here in Pocahontas.”

The event focused on celebrating the culture of the Marshallese people and showcasing it to the local community. Islander Culture Day allowed locals to understand more about Islander history and origins by sharing fun aspects of their culture, such as traditions, fashion, dances and food.

“This event has proved a great educational event for the town,” said Ms. Saienni.

The event was attended by Mayor Keith Sutton, Police Chief David Edington, and President of the Marshallese Women’s Coalition of Northwest Arkansas Anita Iban.

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