For years, Ōnin has partnered with Lifeline for its annual R(un) for One race. This year was no different. Ōnin and its employees (Ōninites) rallied to support families in the U.S. and around the world for the tenth annual R(un) for One on August 28th.

Lifeline assists families throughout the United States with international adoption. Lifeline likewise provides care and resources to the parentless children who are never adopted. Thanks to the efforts of Lifeline, Ōnin and a bunch of amazing Ōninites — all of these families and children will have more access to the resources they need.

“Lifeline Children’s Services is so grateful for the partnership we have with Ōnin,” said Brittany Finch, Event Coordinator at Lifeline. “For the past several years, Ōnin has been part of our R(un) for One 5k. Ōnin is special because they not only provide financially but involve all of the interns and employees all over the country!”

This year, Ōnin contributed $15,000 to Lifeline, including the funds raised by employees. Ōnin’s donation will provide hours of support and counseling to families who struggle with various foster and post-adoption difficulties, support Lifeline’s Global Training Network and Global Orphan Care Networks, and bring the gospel to vulnerable children all around the world.

“I’m excited to have participated in Lifeline’s R(un) for One for the second year in a row,” said Ōnin’s Director of People and Culture, Christina Johnson. “Not only is this a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness and dollars to support unadopted youth around the globe, the race also helps me stay on track with my own personal wellness goals, and it brings the team together for a meaningful cause.”

Although Lifeline has helped millions across the globe, the organization has also directly affected a couple of Ōninites’ lives.

“Lifeline helped my husband and I complete our family by helping us through the adoption process for our three youngest children,” said Heather Olivet, Executive Assistant at Ōnin. “I always enjoy going to the R(un) for One even though I’m not actually a runner. Instead of racing, I take pride in encouraging others and being the best cheerleader ever! I’m so proud to be part of a company that cares about people and shows it by partnering with deserving nonprofits.”