Our feet have a big job. They have to support our bodies all day long, and we’re on our feet…a lot. A foot injury is no fun, and in addition to being painful, it can lead to other complications in our legs, back and body. The best way to avoid a foot injury is to practice injury prevention. Luckily, just a few simple practices can go a long way when it comes to keeping our feet feeling fabulous.

Here are some easy ways to keep your feet healthy:

  • Choose a comfortable shoe: One size doesn’t fit all, at least when it comes to shoes. Make sure your work shoes feel comfortable and support your foot, in addition to complying with PPE requirements. Wearing a shoe that pinches or does not support your arch placement can damage your foot over time. When you’re not at work, make sure the shoes you wear are comfortable and well-fitting as well.
  • Practice good posture: When you stand, try to distribute your weight over your whole body and maintain a good posture with a straight back. This will help your spine and legs align correctly with your feet. When you walk, try to make sure you walk with a heel-to-toe motion and avoid stomping or dragging your feet on the ground.
  • Stretch your feet: The “water bottle roll” is an easy way to give your delicate foot muscles a stretch. Simply fill a small water bottle with cold water and place it underneath your feet. Roll the water bottle back and forth with your foot for 5-20 minutes.
  • Stretch your legs: By doing some general leg stretches, you can help stimulate blood flow, prevent injuries, and help to prevent swelling in your feet.
  • Give Your Feet Some Rest: When you are taking a break at work, try to sit down and give your feet a break too. To care for your feet at home, consider elevating your feet above your body to decrease swelling and help your blood circulation.
  • Listen to pain: If you’re feeling persistent pain, numbness or tingling in your feet, talk to a doctor.


  1. Do you currently stretch, soak or purposefully rest your feet after work?
  2. Are your work shoes comfortable and in good condition? If not, it’s probably time to purchase a new pair.
  3. Shoes without enough support can set us up for injury, even if we’re off the job. Do the shoes you wear in your personal life support your foot health?


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