Week 4: Understanding Industry Jargon

Let’s explore some important terms that you have probably heard before. These words are key in our industry and will help you understand how things work around you at a deeper level. Not to mention, understanding these terms will help you feel more confident in your work, talk with others more effectively, and do your job really well.

These words also teach us important ideas that matter a lot at work. They show us the big picture and help us understand what’s really important.

Here are some key terms and definitions: 

  • Quality Control: This means making sure our products and their components are really good. We check them to make sure they meet our specific standards. Quality control work could include inspections, tests, and checks performed at different stages.
  • Quality Assurance: This refers to the systematic processes and procedures used to ensure everything meets our quality standards. It involves the establishment and enforcement of measures that will prevent defects, deviations and non-conformities from occurring. 
  • Continuous improvement: This refers to efforts to enhance processes, products and services through incremental changes and innovation. To put it simply, we always try to make things better, so we have a mindset of optimizing our work to improve how we do things.
  • Safety Protocols: These are rules to keep us safe at work. They tell us what to do to stay safe, like wearing special gear and knowing what to do in emergencies.
  • Production Line: A sequence of operations involved in the manufacturing process, where products are assembled or processed. Basically, it’s the line of steps where we make things by putting parts together or processing them to make the final product.


  1. What is one work term you’ve heard that you wish you knew the definition of? Look up the definition of this term!
  2. Which of these words have you heard the most?