Week 4: Why Shortcuts Aren’t a Long-Term Solution

Have you ever cut corners to save time on a task, only to realize later that the shortcut didn’t produce the best result? As a result, you spend even more time working to fix it. Shortcuts may offer a quick path, but they often fail to deliver quality outcomes.

In the workplace, relying on shortcuts can lead to various issues that compromise the final result. Quality is a crucial aspect of our work. To create a high-quality product, we must dedicate time to ensure every little detail is handled correctly. By prioritizing attention to detail, precision, reliability, and safety, you distinguish yourself as a professional committed to excellence.

Instead of depending on shortcuts, focus on these essential skills:

  • Be meticulous: By following a systematic process, you can maintain a high level of attention to detail and reduce the chances of errors or defects. Prioritize precision by taking the time to execute tasks accurately, contributing to the overall quality of the final product.
  • Focus on safety: Following all safety procedures may take extra time, but it is crucial to ensure your safety and achieve the best outcomes. Injuries make it more challenging to produce excellent results. Moreover, the risk of pain and injury, either for yourself or a team member, is never worth it. When it comes to safety, adhering to the rules and correctly wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) is crucial.
  • Shift your mindset: It’s easy to ask ourselves, “What’s an easier way to do this task?” However, when did you last ask yourself, “How can I do this task better?” Shifting our mindset from saving time to producing the best possible outcome will help us complete tasks correctly and align our priorities with quality.


  1. Have you ever encountered a shortcut that led to a negative outcome or compromised the quality? How did it impact your work and the final product?
  2. Reflect on a time when you were tempted to take a shortcut. What potential consequences did you consider, and what ultimately influenced your decision?