Fueling Foods For Your Active Work Day

Let’s face it — your job is a workout. You move a lot throughout the day, and that requires you to burn a lot of energy. Because you use so much energy, it’s important for you to eat the right kinds of foods to fuel your day. Without the nutrition, you can be left feeling weak, hungry and even sick throughout the day.  

  • Balance your meals: Since you move a lot, making sure your meals are balanced so your body can properly recover is important. Try to incorporate carbohydrates and protein into your meal to help your body stay strong. These foods will help your muscles recover from all your activity. 
  • Choose healthy snacks: When you’re moving a lot, you may get hungry in between meals. Prepare ahead and have a healthy snack on hand. This could be anything from a piece of fruit, to crackers and peanut butter, to a protein bar. 
  • Stay hydrated: The food you eat is important to fuel your body through your shift, but hydration is also important. Water is often the best way for your body to stay hydrated, but a sports drink with electrolytes may also help you maintain your energy if you are feeling tired or dehydrated. 
  • Listen to your body: Everyone’s body is different. Listen to your body and take note of when you are hungry and thirsty. Let your experience guide you to determine what kind of foods and meal patterns help you feel your best. This is an important part of making sure your body stays strong and healthy both now and into the future. 


  1. What kinds of foods make you feel best when you eat them? 
  2. Do you typically feel strong and nourished throughout your shift? If not, what kind of changes could you make to your diet so you can start feeling better throughout the day?