Week 3: Elevate Quality Standards 

Have you ever been excited to buy something, only to have it break really quickly? It’s so disappointing, and it feels like a waste of time and money, right? It’s important to make things that are really good and high quality. In a small way, working to produce high-quality goods makes the world a better place. 

And guess what? You are a big part of making those good things! Your work and what you do really matter when it comes to producing quality. Just doing the bare minimum might keep things okay, but it won’t make you feel really proud. So, when it comes to your work, why settle when you can feel the pride of accomplishing something great?

Here are some things you can do to make sure we create high-quality products and make you even more proud of your work:

  • Embrace a Quality Mindset: That means you care a lot about doing a great job. Take charge and be responsible for making your work really good. Set high standards for yourself and make sure you meet them or go above and beyond. Remember, doing your best helps your team!
  • Be Detail-Oriented: Pay close attention to all the little things in your work. Make sure everything is just right and follows the rules for quality. You want to be accurate and precise so things turn out really well.
  • Embrace a Continuous Improvement Mindset: That’s a big fancy phrase that means you always want to get better. Look for ways to make your work easier, faster and even more awesome. Listen to feedback from others and try to learn new things.
  • Know You’re Important: You are so important when it comes to doing a great job! Remember, taking care of yourself is a big part of doing quality work. Make sure you get enough sleep and eat good food that gives you energy. Your thoughts and attitude are also really important. Believe in yourself and know that what you do really matters.


  1. How do you think producing quality work positively impacts others?
  2. What personal standards have I set for myself? Am I holding myself accountable to meet or exceed them?
  3. How well do I pay attention to the details in my work processes?