Protecting Your Hands and Wrists 

From holding a fork to gripping a steering wheel to performing your job — your hands and wrists are some of the most important tools you have. Because you use your hands and wrists frequently, knowing how to keep your hands and wrists safe is absolutely essential.

So, how can you protect your hands and wrists throughout the day?

  • Move naturally: Try to move so that your movements complement the natural axis of the wrist. Don’t bend your hands and wrist in a way that feels strange or uncomfortable. If your wrists are in flexion while you are using a stool or working, take time to reposition the tools to a more comfortable position.
  • Give your hands and wrist a break: Like we mentioned, you use these body parts a lot, so give your hands and wrists a rest when you can. Hobbies like video gaming, knitting, gardening and riding motorcycles are great, but they do use your wrists a lot and should be done in moderation. Find activities that give your wrists a break if your wrists are sore. 
  • Stretch before and after work: Take the time to warm up your wrist joints and hands. Do stretches (like the praying position and extended arm stretches) that specifically target your hands and wrists. Consider doing these stretches before and after work. You should also do these stretches regularly during repetitive tasks when you have a spare moment.


  1. Do you regularly stretch your hands and wrists?
  2. If not, what kind of stretch could help you improve your hand and wrist health?