Why Being Alert is Key to Safety

It can be easy to zone out or start daydreaming, but when we’re at work, zoning out can actually put you and your team in harm’s way. To stay safe in the workplace, it’s important to always be alert.

When you are alert, you can pay close attention to your surroundings, which allows you to recognize potential hazards and ensure all of the actions you take are maximizing safety.

Staying alert isn’t easy, though. It requires a lot of energy and the ability to concentrate, and it takes practice and preparation to be able to stay alert.

Here are a few ways you can get better at staying alert and safe: 

  • Build healthy habits: When we don’t feel our best, it’s harder to pay attention. When we are tired, hungry or otherwise physically uncomfortable, we will have a more difficult time staying alert. Make sure you are building healthy habits, like going to bed on time, eating healthy meals and building other habits that will help you feel your best.
  • Know the safety protocol: Being aware of the safety rules and regulations will help you stay safe and alert. When you are doing a task, be conscious of following the safety protocols. 
  • Ask yourself questions: When you find yourself drifting off, ask yourself questions about what’s going on around you and if you are performing your task safely. This a great way to refocus and re-engage with your task and environment.
  • Communicate: Make sure to communicate with colleagues about safety when needed. This will help everyone on the team stay alert and stay safe.


  1. Are your daily habits and routines helping you to be more alert at work? 
  2. Why do you think being attentive can help you stay safe?