Workplace Communication Essentials

Have you ever noticed that the way you communicate with your colleagues and leaders directly impacts your success at work? It’s true — being honest, respectful, and positive to the people around you will help you succeed and create a more pleasant atmosphere for everyone. Communicating well with others helps everyone on your team win, especially you!

Here are some essential communication tips for work:  

  • Be Respectful: Use words that are polite and kind. Listen to what members of your team have to say without interrupting or talking over them. Give feedback that is constructive — not destructive — so that everyone can learn and grow together. 
  • Be Honest: If something needs to be addressed or discussed, bring it up immediately so that it can be resolved quickly and without drama. 
  • Avoid Drama: Speaking of drama — it has no place at work! Keep personal issues and gossip about others out of your conversations. Focus on positivity instead of negativity. If someone tries to start a conversation about drama, politely change the subject.
  • Listen Carefully: Pay close attention when someone else is speaking so that you understand their message completely before responding. 
  • Ask Questions: Don’t be afraid to ask your supervisor or another experienced member of your team for help if you need it. Chances are, they will appreciate your willingness to learn new things.


  1. How does respect make it easier to communicate with many different kinds of people successfully?
  2. Think of someone who is great at communicating. What do they do that makes them so great at communicating with others? 
  3. The words we choose are important. How do other elements of communication, like tone of voice and body language, make our communication more or less effective?