Sometimes our personal lives interrupt us in the middle of our days — literally. 

We’ve all seen someone who had to leave in the middle of a shift because of an emergency. It’s okay for an emergency to pop up every once in a blue moon, but when we come in for our shift, we need to make sure we are there to stay for the whole day. Staying for the whole shift is a critical part of having good attendance and making sure we’re really showing up for our job. After all, we can only win at our jobs when we’re able to fully show up. 

So, how can you make sure life doesn’t interrupt us when we’re at our jobs so we can stay the whole shift?

  • Stay organized: Know what’s happening every week ahead of time so you can plan ahead. Consider using a calendar app or creating a list so you aren’t caught off guard by an unexpected event. By staying organized, you can plan ahead to avoid unexpected emergencies. 
  • Make a checklist: Do you ever find yourself forgetting something important as you’re running out the door? Consider making a checklist so you know everything you need. Your brain will thank you for having to remember less. 
  • Check in with yourself before you head to work: When we’re preparing to come into work, we’re often in a rush. Give yourself time to check in with yourself and make sure you know what’s coming up in the day.
  • Have a backup plan: Ask yourself, “What could I do if everything didn’t go according to plan,” and make a backup plan based on that info. Whether it’s finding a back-up babysitter or transportation, planning for when things go wrong gives you peace and the ability to stay true to your commitments.


  1. Have you ever known someone who was always leaving work early? How do you think that impacted their team? 
  2. How can planning ahead help you avoid missing work?