You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about the importance of having good attendance. The thing is, having good attendance means showing up in multiple ways. When we break attendance down, good attendance has three parts: 1) coming to work on time, 2) being present and ready to work, and 3) showing up every day that you’re scheduled. 

Below, we discuss why each of these elements of attendance is important and how to make sure you are able to show up for success each day: 

  1. Being On Time: 
  • Why it matters: Being late, even if it’s just a few minutes, puts stress on your team. It’s hard for a team to get organized before a hard day of work if they constantly have to wait for someone to show up. 
  • How to do it: Leave your home early enough to arrive at work on time, even if there is an unexpected traffic issue. Try to get to work at least 15 minutes early to give yourself some wiggle room. 
  1. Being Present
  • Why it matters: Sometimes, people show up for work, but they aren’t really “there” mentally. When we show up for work too hungover, sleep-deprived or distracted to carry out our duties, we still aren’t showing up for our job, and we are still putting too much pressure on other members of the team to pick up the slack. 
  • How to do it: Try to build healthy life habits that allow you to come into work as refreshed as possible so you have the strength to get everything done. 
  1. Showing Up 
  • Why it matters:  If one person doesn’t show up for work, it creates stress for the entire team. If someone frequently doesn’t show up for work, their absence is devastating to a team’s ability to perform and that person’s ability to win at work. 
  • How to do it: If you’re absent often, it’s time to think critically about what is causing the problem. Think about solutions that will allow you to reorganize your life so you can handle that issue without missing work. 


  1. Which of the three elements of attendance comes easiest to you? 
  2. Which element of attendance is the most difficult for you? 
  3. How can you get better at the attendance element you struggle with?