Why you should make a career plan

let’s face it: our job is an important part of our life, so why not give your career some deeper thought and start planning for success? A career plan is like a roadmap you create for your success that helps you make informed choices about your current job and future career moves.

Building a career plan doesn’t have to be intimidating if you break it down into smaller tasks. Start by getting clear on what kind of job you want, then set meaningful smart goals and create an action plan for how to achieve them. With this approach, creating a career plan can actually be quite fun.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Define your life goals: start by taking the time to really think about what matters to you most in life what do you want? Make sure your goals are specific and achievable. Understanding your big life goals will help provide direction when creating your career plan.
  • Determine your job goals: once you know what your life goals are, try to determine how your job can help get you there. Ask yourself exactly what you want from your work. Is it a steady paycheck? The chance to build skills you can be proud of? Different people have different things they want out of their jobs, so take the time to figure out what matters the most to you.
  • Understand what it takes to stay in the game: knowing what it takes to win at your current job is essential when creating a solid career plan. Different jobs require different skills. Think about showing up on time, working well with others, and being professional in all aspects of work.
  • Know your next move: life is full of surprises, but that should never stop us from dreaming big and planning for great possibilities. Ask yourself where you hope your career is in the next year, five years and ten years. When you meet your job goals, think about the next step you want to take to keep succeeding.


Do you have a career plan?
How do you think your job can help you meet your personal goals?


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