Tips for Adjusting to a Physical Job

Starting a physically demanding job can be a jolt for your body. Especially if you’re coming from a less physically demanding role, the switch can be like stepping into a whole new world where aches, pains and muscles you didn’t even know existed start to make their presence felt. 

As you start a role, it might take a little while to build up your strength on the job — and that’s okay. Your body will soon get used to the new level of physical work, but that adjustment period can be a little tough. As you get used to the physical demands of this job and build up your strength, here are a few ways to reduce your physical stress:

To smoothly transition into a physically demanding role, consider these additional tips:

  • Begin and end your day with simple stretching or light exercises to prepare and soothe your muscles.
  • Be mindful of your posture and lifting techniques to reduce the risk of strain.
  • Stay hydrated and maintain a balanced diet to provide your body with the necessary energy.
  • Ensure adequate rest and sleep to allow your body ample time to recover.
  • Explore methods to soothe those aches. A relaxing soak in an Epsom salt bath or utilizing a massage gun, or using a head pad or ice pack can be great ways to alleviate muscle soreness.


  • What are some healthy habits you can bring into your workdays to reduce the amount of stress on your body?
  • Do you have any daily stretches in your routine to wake your body up before work?