Why Reducing Your Screen Time Can Improve Your Health 

Who doesn’t enjoy scrolling through social media, streaming their favorite show online, or playing a video game every now and then? Enjoying some online entertainment can be a great way to unwind. But did you know that reducing your screen time can actually have some surprising health benefits in addition to giving you more time to do other important activities? 

Reducing your screen time may seem difficult at first, but if you make an effort to do it regularly, you will most likely begin to see some amazing benefits. So why not give it a try? You may be surprised by what happens when you spend less time looking at screens.

Here are a few benefits of reducing your screentime: 

  • Lower Stress Levels: You may not realize it, but being online a lot can increase stress on your central nervous system and increase the stress hormone cortisol, which can leave you feeling more drained and overwhelmed. By taking a break from screens and giving yourself some “me” time to relax or do something creative, you might find yourself feeling calmer. 
  • Improve Sleep Quality: It’s easy to get distracted online and stay up way too late. What’s more, overexposure to blue light from screens can also contribute to insomnia. By turning off your devices an hour before bedtime, you’ll give your body enough time to wind down and get ready for a good night’s sleep.
  • Reduce Eye Strain: Did you know your eyes don’t blink normally when they look at a screen? Too much screen time can cause dry eyes and blurred vision. Taking regular breaks away from the computer can help reduce eye strain and keep your vision healthy.
  • More Time For Quality Activities: Do you ever feel like life is passing you by? Without your phone or TV eating up so much of your free time, you will have more opportunities to do creative things or other activities that will add fun and meaning to your life. 


  1. Is the time you spend online making your life better and helping you succeed? 
  2. Do you like how much time you currently spend online? Is it too much time or just enough?