For every healthy relationship, respect is an important ingredient. Respect is like the oil in an engine that helps all the different parts work smoothly together. Without respect, our interactions start wearing and tearing on each other. When we feel heard and have the ability to hear others, it’s hard for misunderstandings to erupt and break strong relationships and teams. In other words, people just can’t work together well without respect.

Here are some tips about showing respect at work: 

  • Make an effort to be polite when you communicate with someone. Use a friendly tone and use language that is easily understood and inoffensive. 
  • Listen to other people when they talk to you and show that you are paying attention to the thoughts and feelings they are expressing. 
  • If you disagree with someone, express your thoughts honestly but respectfully. Never criticize or put the other person down, even if you disagree with them. 
  • Treat everyone you work with kindly, not just the people you like the most.
  • Act in a way that makes you worthy of others’ respect. Be a person of your word who others can depend on to do the right thing in every situation. 
  • If someone isn’t showing you respect, be the bigger person and still show them respect. Being the bigger person makes you even more worthy of everyone else’s respect.  


  1. Who are some people you respect? What is it about them that makes them worthy of respect? 
  2. What are some ways you show respect to people in your life? What are some new ways you could start showing others? 
  3. What makes you feel respected as a person? How does it feel when someone treats you respectfully?