Week 1: Getting Better at Your Job

Starting a new job is difficult. Learning so many new things and adjusting to a new routine can feel overwhelming. When you start something new, your mission is adjusting to change. But, after a few weeks, you’re well on your way to adjusting, and you’re ready for a new, big challenge: getting better at your job.

Now that you know the foundations of your job, it’s time to start perfecting your craft. This will feel challenging, but it should also feel fun and rewarding. 

Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Make observations: Take the time to observe and learn from your teammates who excel in their roles. Observe their techniques, strategies and habits that contribute to their efficiency and effectiveness. Stay curious and observe practices that you can adopt and use in your own routine to improve your performance.
  2. Accept feedback: Be open-minded and receptive to feedback and suggestions for improvement. Don’t hesitate to seek clarification from leaders and more experienced members of your team when you’re unsure about something or want to understand a process better. 
  3. Understand expectations: Learn about the specific expectations for your role, both formal and informal. Formal expectations include things like safety protocols, quality standards and productivity targets. Informal expectations include aspects like being professional and excelling at teamwork. Meeting these expectations will help you succeed.
  4. Challenge yourself: Meeting and exceeding expectations should be a goal that pushes you to grow and improve. Aim to constantly challenge yourself by setting higher standards and striving for continuous improvement. And remember — challenging yourself is fun!


  1. Reflect on your job journey so far. In what ways has your performance improved since you started? Congratulate yourself on this progress!
  2. What would you like to improve on moving forward?
  3. Watch coworkers who excel in their roles. What are some of their practices that you could use to enhance your own performance?