Week 1: Daily Rituals that Can Help Your Week Go More Smoothly

Creating daily routines is a great way to get into a rhythm that maximizes your time. But, when we are just focused on getting through our days, sometimes we can feel stuck in the daily grind. That’s where a daily ritual comes in handy.

Rituals are like routines with one key difference: your attitude behind the actions. A daily ritual is a set of practices you perform each day that helps you concentrate on things that make your life feel more special, pleasant and meaningful. Rituals help turn daily activities into special moments that rejuvenate you for the rest of the hustle and bustle of your day. 

Here are a few daily rituals you can include in your daily life: 

Rituals to begin your day

  • Write a big goal you have somewhere. Read it before you start your day, and consider how your actions will get you closer to your goal.  
  • Recite a positive affirmation to set your day.
  • Eat a nutritious and delicious breakfast, taking time to savor your meal. 
  • Complete a workout or stretch session, focusing on your mind-body connection.

Rituals to end your day

  • Take a minute to reflect on your achievements of the day, even the small ones. 
  • Find a fun, relaxing activity to clear your head after a busy day, like meditation, journaling, reading or watching a peaceful TV show.
  • Think about the things you’re grateful for. Write those things down or say them out loud. 


  1. Do you perform any rituals in your daily life? 
  2. What is a ritual you could start doing that would help you feel more mindful?