Onsite Team

We’ve had some changes with our Onsite Team and we are excited to announce our newest members.

Ashley Nelson joins our Team on 1st shift. Ashley worked at MBV on Trim 3 in late 2019 thru early 2020. Once COVID hit Ashley was asked to join our team at the branch which she has been at since that time. Ashley has been running our door assessments and recruiting for MBV since we ramped back up in July 2020. She can bring a very unique perspective to our Teammates by not only recruiting many of them, but also knowing what it takes to be a great Teammate on the line. We’re so proud of Ashley and excited to see her grow professionally with her new role.

Ryan Patri has joined our Team for 2nd shift. Ryan was a 20+ year Navy man who recently retired. His last role in the Navy was recruiting, specifically overseeing recruiting operations of multiple sites. Ryan has years of experience in leadership, recruiting the modern workforce, and managing. We’re happy he’s joined our team and look forward to his positive impact on 2nd shift.

  • 1st Shift Team Relations
    • Ashley Nelson
    • 843-709-0635
  • 2nd Shift Team Relations
    • Ryan Patri
    • 843-714-5135
  • 3rd Shift Team Relations
    • JB James
    • 843-714-0916
  • Onsite Manager
    • Tim Hopkins
    • 843-714-4233

Winter Shutdown

MBV will be shut-down from Sunday, December 18, 2022 – Monday, January 16, 2023.

Please see information below regarding days you will be compensated for during the shutdown.  You will be required to touch base with your Onsite Team Relations Representative once per week during the shutdown.

Please see your Onsite Team with any questions.

2022 has been a great year and we look forward to what 2023 can bring for all of us!