MBV Teammates Conversions

It’s been a great year for our Teammates getting converted over to MBV.  For 2022, we had 209 Teammates earn their stars!  We are so proud of them and encourage all our current Teammates to strive for that star too!  MBV will continue doing multiple classes of conversions starting again in January.

Remaining 2022 Planned Saturday Schedule

Please see list below of planned Saturday shifts for all shops:

  • 12/3/2022
  • 12/10/2022

*Please note that each shop may schedule additional Saturday in addition to these *

Winter Shutdown

MBV will be shut-down from Sunday, December 18, 2022 – Monday, January 16, 2023.

Please see information below regarding days you will be compensated for during the shutdown.  You will be required to touch base with your Onsite Team Relations Representative once per week during the shutdown.

Please see your Onsite Team with any questions.

Onsite Team

We’ve had some changes with our Onsite Team but their deputy can be reached by calling and texting the same number you always have for them.  We’ll introduce you to their replacements shortly.

  • 1st Shift Team Relations
    • 843-709-0635
  • 2nd Shift Team Relations
    • 843-714-5135
  • 3rd Shift Team Relations
    • JB James: 843-714-0916
  • Onsite Manager
    • Tim Hopkins: 843-714-4233