Ōnin Staffing made Forbes’ list of America’s Best Temporary Staffing Firms 2020.

Ōnin Staffing is The Ōnin Group’s light industrial and clerical staffing division. After inviting more than 26,000 external recruiters and 5,400 HR-managers, hiring managers and candidates to participate, the award was given based on the number of recommendations and positive assessments Ōnin received.

Ōnin Staffing is a best temporary staffing agency, in part, because the “temp” mentality has been eliminated from our core philosophy and replaced with a meaningful, intelligent, long-term and creative approach to staffing. We have blacklisted the term “temp” to describe our contingent workforce and replaced it with the term “Teammate,” which reflects the humanity of our workers.

Our people-first philosophy is backed by action, and we provide our Teammates with an incredible, radically affordable benefits package to care for their physical and mental health. Amid a pandemic and economic uncertainty, fostering deep relationships and providing meaningful benefits to our workforce has never been more critical.

We likewise pride ourselves on providing long-term, creative workforce solutions to our clients. The better we treat our Teammates, the better we serve our clients. As we say at Ōnin, there is — Nothing Temporary About That.

In addition to making the Best Temporary Staffing Firms list, The Ōnin Group is one of Staffing Industry Analysts’ Largest Staffing Firms in the U.S. and one of the Largest Industrial Staffing Firms in the U.S.

Other staffing divisions of The Ōnin Group include Excelsior Staffing, Fōcus Staffing and A3 Solutions. In addition to light industrial work, The Ōnin Group divisions serve professional staffing needs that include IT, engineering, human resource and finance verticals.