Excelsior Staffing, a staffing company focused on diversity, has been named the winner of 2023’s Company Leading In Diversity Award by the Birmingham Business Journal (BBJ). 

The award is part of the BBJ’s Leaders in Diversity award series, which seeks to put a spotlight on diverse ideas that could be adapted by new companies and new industries.

As a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and primary Strategic Supplier Alliance (SSA) partner of The Ōnin Group, Excelsior is committed to helping companies commit to diversity in a way that goes beyond cliche catchphrases and actually makes a meaningful impact on workplace cultures and bottom lines. 

“We are honored to receive this award,” said Norris Blount, Founder, President and CEO of Excelsior Staffing. “As a staffing supplier, we are thought leaders capable of enacting real change so that people of all backgrounds have the opportunity to truly thrive at work. Our financial stability and ability to commit to clients long-term are differentiators that help our expertise go the extra mile.” 

Excelsior Staffing was established in 2007 in Forest Park, Georgia, by Norris, who hoped to bring a deeper commitment to diversity to the staffing industry. In 2008, Excelsior Staffing and The Ōnin Group partnered. Today, Excelsior shares Ōnin’s comprehensive resources, advanced technological suite and national reach while maintaining a unique focus on bringing diverse partnerships and teams to life.

Excelsior Staffing’s Director of National Partnerships, Cierra Johnson-Belser, also received the 2023 Leaders in Diversity Award from the Birmingham Business Journal, another award in the Leaders in Diversity award series. 

Excelsior continues its dedication to providing quality service while creating an environment where people of all backgrounds can succeed at work.