Workers with big dreams for their careers — and their futures — need to work with a company that will help build their future.

Ōnin is excited to announce its 2020 Endeavor Scholarship recipients. This incredible group of learners has diverse interests and career aspirations that range from skilled trades to business management. But, each recipient shares our passion for investing in the future. We can’t wait to see where their hard work will take them.

For employees with big dreams, education is a pathway to career success, but it can also be expensive. Likewise for businesses, the growing skills gap can only be resolved by investing in the future of our workers. Businesses are strengthened by workers who have the desire to advance, the resources to learn, and the skillset to climb the organizational ladder.

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Ōnin offers workers incredible benefits, which includes a scholarship for Teammates and their immediate family members for ANY education-related expense. That includes everything from pursuing a skilled trade, earning a professional certification, or attending traditional college classes. Ōnin’s scholarship helps workers find meaningful employment and helps to make the skilled workforce stronger.

With Ōnin’s unbeatable benefits, workers have the tools they need to pursue better health, wealth and a brighter future. Please join us in congratulating our scholarship recipients.

Meet the 2020 Ōnin Endeavor Scholarship Winners

Lana Assadian: “I have been an Ōnin Teammate since April 2019. All the staff have been helpful in finding the right job for me. As a new mom, full-time grad student and full-time employee, the Ōnin Endeavor Scholarship will help me in my graduate program.”

Lana is pursuing her MBA at Belmont University.

Ta’Corian Darden: “The scholarship helps me towards success and pushes me closer to my goals.”

Ta’Corian is pursuing his Masters in Facility Management at Western Kentucky University.

Patrick Rincher: “Receiving the Endeavor Scholarship helps tremendously because the program I’m in doesn’t allow me to work 40 hours a week when school is in session. With this scholarship, I’m able to pay for tuition and books. I count it a great honor and privilege to have been chosen.”

Patrick is pursuing an industrial electrician degree at Shelton State Community College

Nicholas Armstrong: “This scholarship will help me tremendously with finishing out my last year of school at Shelton State Community College. I am very thankful and happy to be an Ōnin employee.”

Nicholas is pursuing a Mechatronics degree at Shelton State Community College

Marquise Earskines: “The endeavor scholarship helped me out a lot. saved me tons of money, and hopefully, I can win again. It really helped me financially.”

Marquise is attending Illinois State University.

Other Winners Include:

Tressa Eisenhauer

Wilbert Murillo

Marquise Earskines

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