In the business world, we often overlook the significance of dental health. It’s not just about a dazzling smile or preventing cavities; it’s a crucial aspect of our employees’ overall health and their ability to stay on the job.

That’s why at Ōnin, we go beyond the basics with our dental healthcare. We’re not just offering affordable dental healthcare, free dental check-ups, and free cleanings as a nice-to-have benefit. We understand that maintaining dental health is essential for our workers, especially for those in contingent roles where physical well-being is directly tied to job performance.

What’s more, Teammates value these benefits — and the numbers speak for themselves. Since 2020, we’ve covered over 16,850 dental services, including more than 3,000 oral exams and 1,600 cleanings for Teammates. These figures don’t just reflect usage; they demonstrate that our Teammates prioritize their health.

Providing these services helps our Teammates:

  • Avoid Dental Issues: Regular check-ups are essential in preventing dental problems that can lead to bigger health concerns and time off work.
  • Catch Health Problems Early: Dental exams can sometimes detect early signs of serious diseases like diabetes or heart conditions, which can save on healthcare costs and keep our workforce healthier in the long run.
  • Boost Confidence: There’s no denying that a good smile can make our employees feel more confident, and that confidence translates to better performance.

To put it simply, offering robust dental benefits isn’t just about fixing teeth; it’s about empowering a healthier, more confident team ready to tackle their jobs. And that’s a reason for all of us to smile.