When it comes to healthcare, the wellness check (also called a routine physical exam) isn’t the superstar it deserves to be. Sometimes dismissed as a mere formality, routine physicals transcend the traditional notion of “sick care.” 

A wellness check is a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s overall health status to evaluate their current health condition, identify potential health risks or concerns, and provide preventive measures or recommendations for maintaining or improving their well-being.

For individuals with manual labor jobs, the importance of physical exams cannot be overstated. By identifying health concerns in their early stages, physicals empower employees to assume control over their well-being, have peace of mind — and preserve their ability to work a physically demanding job.

Unfortunately, many contingent workers employed by staffing agencies don’t have access to this kind of basic care. Even if a staffing agency does offer insurance, their rates are often unaffordable to most contingent workers. That leaves these workers vulnerable to unaddressed health conditions.

On average, people in the U.S. pay just under $400 for their annual physical exam at a doctor’s office if they don’t have insurance. 

Ōnin Teammates get a physical for FREE. 

At Ōnin Staffing, we don’t view our contingent workers as disposable “temps” — they are Teammates. They are individuals with unique hopes and dreams, and their contributions to work matter. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to craft benefits that not only acknowledge their efforts but also provide a real impact on their lives.  

Ōnin benefits include: 

  • FREE teledoctor visits
  • FREE mental health counseling 
  • $5 prescriptions
  • FREE teeth cleaning
  • …and a FREE physical exam

At Ōnin, we’re flipping that script. Our benefits program isn’t just about numbers and checkboxes. It’s about the tangible difference we can make in the lives of our contingent workers. It’s about offering accessible benefits that extend beyond just the paycheck. From health and wellness initiatives to a 401(k) program and legal services, we’re providing tools that help our workers thrive both on and off the job.

When our workers are in the best possible state — both physically and emotionally—they are equipped to bring their A-game to work, and that’s a win-win for everyone.