Fulfilling its purpose, the Endeavor Scholarship continues to positively impact the lives of our Teammates. In 2022, 20 scholarships were awarded to help Teammates and their immediate family members with education-related expenses! Awardees can use the scholarship funds towards skilled trades, professional certifications, college courses or other adult learning opportunities.

While Teammates can apply at any time during the year, all applications submitted by 1/31 will be considered for February selection, and all applications submitted between 2/1 and 6/1 will be considered for June selection.

To all of our 2022 scholarship recipients, we wish you the best of luck in your journey.

Congratulations to the 2022 Ōnin Endeavor Scholarship Winners!

BJ Tibon
Brandi Stephney
Brianna Armstrong
Chinna Ojimadu
Dakota Dalton
Deneen Terrell Montgomery
Derek Bolds
Erik Barajas
Hunter Miller
Jada Jefferson
Jahrod Jackson
Jalen Stewart
Johnny Lee
Jordan Carroll
Jorge Rodriguez
Justin Guyton
Marquise Earskines
Patrick Rincher
Randy Barnett
Sadaf Ahmed

If you want more details about the Endeavor Scholarship, you can visit here or reach out to hrservices@oningroup.com! We can’t wait to make new dreams come true in 2023.