What can make you have more energy, become stronger, boost your immune system, think better and feel happier? If this sounds like a miracle drug, think again. It turns out that simply eating nutritious foods can help you become a healthier person, both mentally and physically.

Since you have a physically demanding job, taking care of your body is extremely important. You use a lot of energy in your average work day, so you need to consume food that has enough nutrition to keep you going and help you stay strong. 

Here are a few tips for eating healthy: 

  • Vegetables, whole foods, unrefined grains, lean proteins and healthy fats are all your friends when it comes to fueling your body.
  • Check nutrition labels to help you make healthier choices. Read the nutrient content for the food as well as the calorie content. 
  • Avoid processed foods and try to cook homemade food when you can. When you’re the chef, you have more control over what goes into your food and your body. 
  • Eating balanced meals is key to maintaining energy. When possible, make sure a meal includes some healthy fat, carbs and proteins. 
  • Avoid drinking sugary drinks. Sugar isn’t a great fuel for your body long-term when you’re on the go. 
  • Aim for a variety of nutritious foods instead of eating the same thing every day.
  • Know that a healthy approach to food is not about depriving yourself of things you love. It’s about finding healthy ways to enjoy food while also getting the energy you need to feel strong throughout your day.


  1. What kinds of foods do you use to fuel your body before work? 
  2. What is your favorite healthy food? 
  3. What kinds of foods make you feel the best when you eat them?