Fuel Your Body By Staying Hydrated

Hot weather season has come and gone — but staying hydrated is still just as important. 

We have to fuel our bodies right in order for us to work right. We need to get a good night of sleep, eat nourishing foods — and we need to stay hydrated. When you’re not drinking enough, you can get headaches, your memory will decrease, and you’ll feel less energy — and being very dehydrated can make you incredibly sick. Your body, including every organ and every cell, depends on water to survive.

Staying hydrated is important for everyone, but drinking enough water throughout the day is especially important for all of us who have physical jobs that require lots of moving. 

Here’s how to stay hydrated

  • Water is the perfect drink for staying hydrated. Although a lot of us love drinking coffee or sodas, caffeine can actually dehydrate you. That said, juices, milk and herbal teas can also help you stay hydrated. 
  • Different people need different amounts of water to stay hydrated. Listen to your body and figure out what feels right for you. 
  • Snacks can help you stay hydrated. Fruits and vegetables that are juicy contain hydrating nourishment. 
  • Try to drink before you begin your shift and finish your day off by re-hydrating after your shift ends.
  • Being physically active for long periods of time and being outside or in a warm workspace increases the likelihood of dehydration. Listen to your body if you need to drink more. 


  1. Do you currently feel like you drink enough water? 
  2. Food, sleep and hydration are all important parts of taking care of your body so you can thrive at work and in life. What else can you do to take care of yourself to stay strong?