Everyone makes mistakes. When we make a mistake, it’s important that we acknowledge that we messed up and then take action so that we avoid making the same mistake again. When we do this, we are being accountable. 

Accountability is important in every part of our life because our actions impact ourselves as well as others. If we live with a family, our actions affect each and every one of them. If we work on a team, our mistakes will impact them too. As a result, we need to hold ourselves accountable to ourselves and others.

Here’s how to stay accountable: 

  • Focus on things you can control, and make the best choices for those things.
  • To be accountable, you need to face hard truths about yourself honestly.
  • Write your goals and the things you need to do down on paper.
  • Create a strategy to handle obstacles and temptations.
  • Recognize every choice you make has a consequence for you and for other people.
  • Ask for help from others. Try to find an accountability buddy who will check in on you to make sure you are staying true to your goals and responsibilities. 


  • How could holding yourself accountable help you make a positive change in your life? 
  • What is one obligation or goal you find it hard to follow through on? 
  • What kind of mistakes have you made multiple times? How could an accountability partner help you avoid these mistakes in the future?
  • Is there anyone in your life you can help become more accountable?