How to Be Confident

Many people want to feel more confident, but true confidence isn’t something you have — it’s something you work hard to build. So, what is confidence?

Confidence is knowing you can trust in your ability to control your life. Confidence can also be situation-specific. For instance, someone who is an expert in a particular skill or topic might have a lot of confidence in that thing. No matter what kind of confidence you have, confidence is something that you build through hard work and practice. 

Here’s how to build confidence: 

  • Have self-control: This is the number one characteristic of confidence. People who know they can control their actions in any situation can easily gain confidence. When you don’t have self-control, you can’t trust yourself completely. When you have self-control, you know you can rely on and believe in yourself. 
  • Always follow through: Being someone who does exactly what they say they will and fulfills their promises to others is a key way to build confidence. Not only will you feel confident in yourself, but others will also have confidence in you too. 
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses: Having an honest understanding of your strengths and weaknesses allows you to know what situations you can confidently assist with and what kinds of problems you should rely on other people for. 
  • Always be learning: When you are always open to learning something new, you keep growing. Through hard work and concentrating on getting better at things, your new knowledge will help you maintain and grow the skills you need to control your life and feel more confident. 


  1. Are you a confident person? 
  2. Do you agree self-control can build self-confidence?
  3. Who is a confident person who you respect? What do you think makes them feel so much confidence?