The Ōnin Group, one of the largest United States-based staffing companies, appointed Rick Orcutt as its chief information officer.

“Rick’s curiosity and innovation have kept Ōnin on the front edge of practical, useful technology for the last 15 years,” said Jim Weaver, COO of The Ōnin Group.

Orcutt began his career at The Ōnin Group in 2005 as a recruiter and ascended to an Onsite Manager position, but Rick had an uncanny knack for technology, a passion for understanding how things work, and an insatiable desire for finding a better way, so he was promoted to the position of “IT Guy.”

“How does a guy go from being the ‘IT Guy’ of a small staffing operation to becoming the CIO of the largest owner-operated staffing company in the U.S.? I think Rick’s alchemy is a combination of three powerful elements — curiosity, hard work and soul,” said COO Jim Weaver. “Rick’s talents have helped spur Ōnin’s incredible growth over the past decade. Rick will continue to bring a cutting-edge approach to staffing and Ōnin in the future.”

Orcutt is The Ōnin Group’s first CIO appointment. Orcutt played a key role in launching a new software solution powered by AI and machine learning that will allow job candidates to find jobs based on their skillset in real-time.

In his role as chief information officer, Orcutt will continue to grow and develop The Ōnin Group’s technology capabilities, serve as a cultural preservationist, and play a central role in charting the company’s course into the future.

The Ōnin Group is a privately-held, debt-free, Birmingham-based company principally focused on the staffing industry. Other Ōnin Group staffing brands include Ōnin Staffing, Excelsior Staffing, A3 Solutions, Focus IT, Workforce Solutions and Ōnin Professional Search. Other ventures include Momentum Capital Funding, Momentum Equipment and Supply and Pleasant Hill Timber.