The Ōnin Group, one of the largest staffing companies in the US, has rolled out its Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). This step marks a new and significant chapter in Ōnin’s evolution.

For those unfamiliar, an ESOP is a benefit plan that allows employees to acquire shares in the company, giving them a direct stake in its success. This initiative underlines The Ōnin Group’s dedication to empowering their workforce.

“Our Ōninites are the backbone of our success,” said Jim Weaver, COO of The Ōnin Group. “The ESOP is a testament to our belief that Ōninites should have a direct stake in the company’s success, fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and excellence. Every Ōninite plays a pivotal role in our growth, and it’s only fitting they share in the rewards of that growth.”

Embarking on this ESOP journey, The Ōnin Group is reaffirming its mission of Creating Opportunity and Empowering People. The plan is not merely a business decision; it’s a reflection of the company’s faith in its Ōninites and a commitment to mutual prosperity. By allowing Ōninites to acquire company stock, The Ōnin Group is fostering an even deeper sense of belonging, ensuring every team member feels integral to the company’s trajectory.

“We are more than a staffing company. We are a family of motivated Ōninites united by shared goals and values. The ESOP amplifies this unity, embedding ownership, accountability, and prosperity into our organizational DNA,” said Jim.