In the world of light industrial and manufacturing work, the value of healthy vision can’t be overstated. Eyes, after all, are essential for work in our industry.

According to The Vision Council, 166.5 million Americans wear prescription eyeglasses, and 45 million people wear contacts. Ensuring that workers have up-to-date vision prescriptions and access to basic vision exams isn’t just about clear vision. Proper eyewear ensures that workers can perform their tasks effectively and, most importantly, safely. 

For workers navigating the demanding environment of light industrial work, the need for the most up-to-date vision prescription is non-negotiable. 

Unfortunately, many contingent workers don’t have access to affordable vision insurance, and getting access to essential vision health resources — like updated prescription glasses — remains a significant hurdle. Even for contingent workers with vision coverage, the costs can be prohibitively high, making the benefit practically unusable. This lack of access not only their work efficiency but also their daily life quality.

Ōnin’s Solution: Affordable, Accessible Vision Care

Ōnin stands out in this landscape by providing affordable vision care to its contingent workers (i.e., Teammates). Recognizing the critical need for accessible eye care, Ōnin offers affordable, practical vision benefits — along with other affordable benefits, including: 

  • Two Health Insurance Plans
  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Free EAP access (employee assistance program)

At Ōnin, we believe that access to healthcare, including vision care, fundamentally improves workers’ lives – both professionally and personally. This holistic approach to employee welfare reflects a deep understanding of the connection between personal well-being and professional productivity.

It’s just one of many reasons companies choose to partner with Ōnin. We pride ourselves in providing the most innovative solutions to today’s workforce challenges and investing in a supported workforce with access to the health resources they need on and off the job. Partnering with us means you’re not simply filling positions. You’re aligning with a partner that prioritizes the health and well-being of its Teammates at every turn.