Over the course of a year, more than 49,000 Alabamians lost their jobs in 2020. For most companies, 2020 has been a wild year filled with uncertainty, financial cutbacks and lost dreams. In an uncertain world, Alabama-based Ōnin Staffing, the largest staffing company headquartered in Birmingham, is here to stay, growing quickly, and offering job-seekers and employers security in tumultuous times.

“The economy is unstable. Companies need suppliers they can trust to stick around, and employees need benefits, including mental health care,” said Christina Johnson, Director of People & Culture at The Ōnin Group. “COVID has proven affordable benefits are no longer a nicety for people — they are a necessity — and a must-have for companies who want productive teams.”

Ōnin Staffing is known for offering exceptional benefits to its workforce — arguably the best in the staffing industry. Their contingent workers receive free telemedicine and mental health counseling in addition to $5 prescription copays and life insurance.

Ōnin’s benefits and people-first mentality have paid off in company growth, resulting in additional hires. As a result, Ōnin outgrew their current office space and has taken over a floor of the Colonial Center Complex, soon to be named the Ōnin Building. “We went all-out to create a collaborative, creative home office environment that our local team will love to work in and our field teams will love to visit,” said Jim Weaver, COO of The Ōnin Group.

With 110-plus locations across the country, the impact of Ōnin’s continued growth extends well outside the borders of Alabama. As Ōnin continues to expand, more contingent workers will receive affordable healthcare benefits, which impacts the lives of workers and the productivity of client companies. In fact, Ōnin’s benefits package has led to an average 14.5% increase in employee retention rate for its clients. “More retention means better execution and increased profits for our clients. When you take care of your people, they will take care of your business,” added Weaver.

In addition to the move, Ōnin has invested in a new software solution powered by AI and machine learning that will allow job candidates to find jobs based on their skill set in real time.

“Job seekers are nervous right now,” said Rick Orcutt, CIO of The Ōnin Group. “The job market is difficult. Many workers are afraid of having to accept work that doesn’t provide for their families. We’re fighting to make the job-seeking process easier through advanced technology and to give workers the benefits and the respect they deserve at an uncertain time. We hope to lead the staffing industry by example.”

About Ōnin Staffing
When you are stuck in a cycle of workforce challenges, you lose time and money. Ōnin Staffing builds and sustains thriving teams. Stop worrying about securing talent and constant turnover; lean on Ōnin so you can focus on growing your business. Please visit oninstaffing.com to learn more.