Build Your Reputation for Reliability

Reliability in the workplace is akin to gold. When your colleagues and peers can count on you, doors open more easily, interactions flow smoothly and job satisfaction tends to soar.

Being reliable is all about consistently being someone others can trust and depend on when it comes to getting things done. It’s a fundamental aspect of being a valuable team player because, in a team, everyone’s work is interconnected. Your reliability benefits you and contributes to the overall team’s success, making everything run more smoothly and efficiently.

Here are some steps to building your reputation for being reliable: 

  • Plan Ahead: Being reliable doesn’t just happen. It takes planning and forethought. To make sure you can fulfill your obligations, be equipped ahead of time and carefully arrange your schedule so you can be successful. Ensure you have everything you need for work laid out beforehand. Plan your schedule to ensure good attendance. 
  • Attendance is key: Showing up for work every day on time is key to being reliable. Success starts with showing up! When you consistently arrive on time, you demonstrate reliability by honoring your commitments and respecting others’ time.
  • Communicate honestly: To be reliable, you must have a reputation for honesty so people know they can depend on your word. Always be honest and clear in your communication. 
  • Be Consistent: One-off acts of reliability won’t build a solid reputation. Aim for consistency in your actions. Build a rhythm of doing these things in your daily life day in and day out. They will eventually become second nature.


  • Reflect on your current reliability status: How often do you meet your work obligations without being reminded?
  • Think about a time when someone else’s reliability (or lack thereof) directly impacted your work. How did that make you feel, and what did it teach you about being dependable?


The Importance of Reliability in the Workplace