Professional Etiquette 101

Professional etiquette is a type of behavior team members follow to uphold the company and team’s values and ensure each member treats each other with respect. Etiquette is a code of behavior that helps people work together more smoothly and successfully. Professional etiquette should guide your interactions, appearance and conduct in the workplace.

Different companies have different expectations about everything from dress code to language, but good etiquette at work doesn’t have to be complicated — it’s all about being safe, respectful and productive. Those are simple things to uphold!

Let’s dive into some key aspects of professional etiquette to help you excel:

  • Dress for Success: In your job, the most important thing you can do to dress for success is to wear all of your PPE correctly. It’s also important to take pride in your grooming, too — clean clothes and good daily hygiene will ensure you look professional and are ready for success. 
  • Always be on time: Always show up on time for your shift and be ready to work. Good attendance is key to your success — and it shows each member of our team respect for their time as well. If punctuality doesn’t come naturally, brush up on some time management tips to keep yourself organized and manage your to-do list. 
  • Treat everyone on your team with respect: Treat all of your team members and leaders with respect and courtesy. Always use respectful words and a respectful tone when talking to your team members. Make sure you listen when someone speaks. Let them finish their idea before sharing your input. 
  • Be a team player: As a general rule of thumb, your actions should enhance the team’s goals, not distract from them. Keep this in mind as you navigate your role. We can accomplish more together than we can as an individual, and etiquette helps us work together better. 


  1. Think of a challenging situation at work where professional etiquette played a role in its resolution. What happened?
  2. Which aspect of professional etiquette do you think you are best at?