MBV Conversions

Mercedes-Benz Vans has an aggressive target for conversions of our Teammates over the next 3 months. You will be invited to fill out an application with MBV after 45 days on assignment. Please be aware that you have to maintain eligibility through your start date with MBV. MBV’s goal is to convert 100+ Teammates. Just as a reminder, poor attendance can make you ineligible for conversion.

Please keep in mind that Ōnin does not control the conversion process. This is an MBV HR initiative. We will be happy to let you know about your eligibility.

MBV Stay Interview

We are so thankful to everyone who responded to our Stay Interview. That information was invaluable and we shared the results with MBV. We are committed to making MBV the best place to work for our Teammates.

Congratulations to Chris A. for winning the $100 gift card!

Upcoming Holiday

Labor Day weekend is fast approaching! September 4, 2023 will be observed for Labor Day. As a friendly reminder, you must work your last full shift before and first full shift after the holiday to be eligible. Emergency Time Off (ETO) being used the last full shift before or the first full shift after will result in you being ineligible for holiday pay as its not approved time off.

Onsite Team Contact Info

  • 1st Shift Team Relations
    • Derek Drayton
    • 843-709-0635
  • 2nd Shift Team Relations
    • Kodee White
    • 843-714-5135
  • 3rd Shift Team Relations
    • Terrance Jenkins
    • 843-714-0916
  • Onsite Manager
    • Tim Hopkins
    • 843-714-4233
  • Branch
    • 843-790-9952
  • MBV Communications Hotline
    • 843-695-5200

We thank you all for your continued hard work and commitment. Please reach out to us if we can help you in any way!