Our Culture

There’s No Place
Like Home

Make yourself comfortable, maybe just don’t sleep here

Make yourself comfortable, maybe just don’t sleep here

Our Values Matter More Than Rules

What drives you influences your destination. At this point in the journey, it’s important to tell you what these principles are.
Service, Integrity, Innovation and Performance
These Values guide our daily actions as we all work toward a shared purpose, which is
Create Opportunity and Empower People

Make an Impact

Sometimes bending the rules makes the biggest impact
We do actually have rules. Wearing shoes to work isn’t optional, and timecards are due by Tuesday. That being said, red tape and bureaucracy have never seemed very attractive, so you won’t find those things ruling the day here. We let our values drive our actions. When one of our rules gets in the way of serving clients, Teammates, or Ōninites, well, then it’s time to bend, or maybe even break, that rule.

Starting to see a theme?

Be Yourself

Cookie cutters belong in a bakery
Conformity has never really been our thing. Why? Because doing things differently means allowing people to be, well, different. That’s why walking into an Ōnin office in El Paso might feel just a bit different than the one in Chicago or Birmingham. It’s not about how you arrange the chairs or what clothes you wear — it’s about taking the hundreds of personalities and perspectives that make up the heart and soul of our company and finding ways to let those impact the people we serve.

Have Some Fun

Work is hard, and we aren’t kidding about that performance value, but if you can’t have fun while you’re doing it, then it might not be worth working so hard for. That’s why everywhere you look, you’ll find reminders that enjoying the journey is equally as important as the destination.

You Belong Here

Be a part of a culture of growth
You may not be an Ōninite just yet (fingers crossed), but if you do join the team, you’ll certainly leave here with more skills and know-how than when you started. Why? Well, that’s where our whole core purpose comes to life. But creating opportunity and empowering people doesn’t just happen. It means providing mentorship, prescribed growth tracks, learning and development tools, feedback loops, community outreach, and so much more.

This company was, and is, currently being shaped by people just like you who are taking advantage of those opportunities every day to carve out something great for themselves.


See The Proof

Great culture makes a lasting impression
This is the point in most sales pitches where the lights flash, the music swells, and the rabbit comes out of the hat. But that’s not us, and honestly, that’s probably why you’re still sticking around. We care about our culture, and we think it has a real impact on the people who call Ōnin home daily, but it’s not about what we think. It’s about real, tangible results that are clearly visible in the lives of real people. No magic tricks, no illusions, just proof.
Make Your Mark!