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Our Pledge

We will greet you with a smile.

We will treat you with respect.

We will pay you accurately and on time.

We will fill all job orders with the most qualified applicants.

We will be your favorite staffing company.

Your Commitment

You commit to honesty and openness.

You commit to being respectful to staff, clients and co-workers.

You commit to being ready and willing to go to work.

You commit to doing your best at work.

You commit to working safely and following safety policies.

Core Values

Service · Innovation · Integrity · Performance

At Ōnin Staffing, our passion is people. We are committed to investing in our people by hiring top talent, providing a positive learning environment and supporting career development.

Teammates App

View your paystub through the app!

  • Track you eligibility towards benefits
  • Email your branch
  • Receive employer notifications

Teammate Plan

You will be AUTOMATICALLY ENROLLED into the Teammate Plan unless you opt-out during your 30-day eligibility period.

Learn more about your benefits! Visit OninStaffing.com/benefits

Call the Advocate Line: (833) 751-1096

Ready to choose your Plan? 
Call the Enrollment Assistance Line: (833) 236-7463

 When you are enrolled in medical coverage you also receive these amazing added benefits:

Free Teledoctor
24/7/365 access to a physician no matter where you are

Three Ways to Connect:

Call: (855) 879-4332 (MYIDR1489)

Online: www.myidealdoctor.com

App: MYidealDOCTOR

Employee Assistance Plan (EAP)
Receive unlimited, FREE counseling sessions for your mental health needs.

Call: (800) 531-0200

Free Vision & Dental Coverage

Report Work Injuries

If you are injured on the job, IMMEDIATELY report your injury – even if it’s after hours – to your Ōnin Team Rep,  Group Leader and local Ōnin Group office.

Report Harassment/Discrimination

If you feel you’ve been subject to harassment of any kind, report it to your supervisor or call (866) 581-6646 without fear of retaliation.

MAC - Athletic, Health and Wellness Facilities

Cost per month for Teammates $25 (singles) and $40 (families). Your membership fees will be deducted from your paycheck once a month.

On-site Child Development Center

Dedicated, experienced teachers

Curriculum customized to meet each child’s needs

STEM learning in Pre-K (science, technology, engineering, math)

Parent mobile app to stay connected with regular updates

Fees (Payroll deduction will be implemented once a month)

Infants/Toddlers/Twos (6 weeks to 2 years old): $170 per week

Preschool/Pre-K (3 to 5 years old): $145 per week

Daily drop-in rate: $45

Part-time rates: See school for details

MBV 2023 Attendance Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paid?

Ōnin pays weekly and you may choose direct deposit or a pay card. Payday is Friday!  One of our core values is that NO ONE goes the weekend without being paid!

How can I find out about the health insurance?

I am so glad you asked because Ōnin has the best health insurance plan in our industry!  They are real and usable benefits that include:

$5 Prescription Drugs

$5 Doctor’s Visit Copays

Free Teledoctor Service

Free Counseling Services

Vision Insurance Included

You can get all of the details here: www.oninstaffing.com/benefits/

How can I earn a referral bonus?

We will pay a referral bonus of $50 for each person you refer to Ōnin after they have worked 80 hours!


Once weekly, we will have a drawing from that week’s referrals and give away a $100 gas card!!


Fill out the referral form here.


Have a question? Contact your Supervisor for more details.

Need to talk to your Team Relations Rep?


We would love to have you visit our office and get to know the local branch team!


We are located at 7620 Rivers Ave #150, North Charleston, SC 29406

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